Consol Services

Consol: - This is an agent that handles all incoming import consignments from their various destinations. As a general sales agent, (GSA), we have a big role to play on all incoming cargoes for both schedule flights and freights.

On arrival of consignments, our activities include:

1. To ensure that all arrived cargoes are properly checked and tallies with the bill of lading or airway bill before being taken to warehouse by NAHCO officials.

2. Every flight cargo report will be handed over to the station manager for filing.

3. All cargo documents given to its original owner (consignee).


1. It will enable the airline to detect any discrepancies through the reports submitted to the station manager.

2. It will determine un-manifested cargo that is cargo not included in the manifest

3. It will also determine short-landed cargo, that is incomplete cargo

4. It will also ensure proper documentation of all arrival cargo

5. it will check airlines’ payments for unnecessary claims by customers for mission consignment due to the negligence of NAHCO officials.